A: 線上測驗

1. Weather and country(今日小考)


2. 第二課句子 請找出正確的答案


3. 請猜猜他們是那個國家?


B: 做完Country! Country! 作品

Make stairs more interesting

本週任務 (10/16)

1. 請查課本劃線單字音標
2. 請在作業本上寫下你喜歡的5~10個國家英文和音標 (一個國家一行)

3. 請在作業本選一個國家造句 (下面兩句選一句寫)

I like (國家) because it's (pretty/big/interesting/.....)
I like (國家) because I like (國家美食或特色)
4. 請將這5~10個國家的國旗或是你喜歡的圖片, 另存圖片到電腦D槽
5. 請繼續在自己班或是別班留言(共2個)
6. 請到外國學校Newark小學部落格留言 (共1個)

A good day.

It was a bad day…
Little yellow bird lost his favorite tail feather.
Little white dog got her leash all tangled up in the fence.
Little orange fox couldn't find his mother.
And little brown squirrel dropped her nut.
But then…
Little brown squirrel found the biggest nut ever.
Little orange fox turned around, and there was his mother.
Little white dog worked herself free and ran in circles
through the dandelions.
And little yellow bird forgot about his feather and flew
higher than he ever had before.
And there’s more…
A little girl spotted a perfect yellow feather, picked it up,
tucked it behind her ear, and ran to her mother, shouting,
“Mama! What a good day!”


1. 完成自我介紹作品
2. 到別班的部落格和外國人的網站留言 請照老師規定留言
3. 如果以上兩個任務完成 經過老師認可 才可以有自由時間

每日英語新聞 Unique vegetarian spider discovered in Central America

American scientists have discovered a spider in Central America that feeds almost exclusively on plant food. The findings are significant because of the approximately 40,000 known species of spiders in the world, all were thought to be strictly carnivorous.

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